Anti-litter Campaign

February 13, 2014

EB1NOAH’s Community Building and Environment (CBE) Director Chris Marchi and one his East
Boston youth workers Sebastian Londono pitched a new anti-litter campaign to the Jeffries Point
community Monday.

  • Felix Cutillo

    I applaud Chris Marchi in his attempt but the number one issue with litter and trash in East Boston; surface pickers and bottle collectors ripping open trash bags to obtain bottles and cans for redemption. Stop that and you solve the problem. I observe this all the time. On any
    given day you can just follow the trail to Kappy’s liqueur store and
    you can see where the bottles are coming from . I cannot believe that it is not even mentioned in the John Lynds article (Attempting to fix the trash and litter problems) on 02/12/2014 article. There needs to be a city ordinance against it and fines issued. That is the only way to stop it. I intend on making a video documenting this and submitting it on YouTube. John Lynds should dig a little deeper when writing about the obvious!

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